What is a half wig?

What is the difference between a half wig and a full wig, which one is better?

A half wig refers to a hairpiece or partial wig, that is, half of your own hair and half of your wig, which only needs to cover a part of the hair, while a full wig covers the entire head. Well, there is no difference. The key is to see which one suits you better.

A full wig, which is what we often call a wig. The more common is a cosplay wig for young people. Because the wig needs to cover all the hair, which will inevitably cause the wig to look dull and sultry, but the price will be relatively cheaper. A full wig costs about a few hundred dollars, while an expensive wig costs one or two thousand dollars.

A half wig is a hairpiece or partial wig, which is mainly used by people with hair loss. Unlike ordinary wigs that are inferior in materials and rough in workmanship, and are fixed with clips, buttons or rubber bands, local wigs are customized wigs according to the bald area of each of us, it is not only made of human hair, but it also uses a special fixing method, so in addition to not being able to grow, it is almost the same as our own hair.

This half wig is specially designed to cover baldness and less hair, so its main emphasis is to repair the key positions, and adopt special connection technology, using ultra-thin and lightweight simulation base to connect with our original hair, so for people with hair loss, such a half wig will obviously be more suitable than a full wig.

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