What is a capless wig?

What is a capless wig? This type of cap provides maximum breathability for the wearer. The crown is made of parallel lace strips with open spaces between them. These openings make the wig lighter and more breathable than standard cap wigs.

1. Difference between capless wigs and traditional wigs

The construction of capless wigs and traditional wig caps is very similar. The only difference between these two types of wig caps is the crown. The crown on a traditional wig is made of a closed lace piece, while the crown on a capless wig is made of open lace strips.

2. Choose wigs according to needs and occasions

When choosing a wig, the quality is definitely the key. Generally, there are three types of raw materials for wigs on the market, one is a synthetic fiber, one is human hair, and the other is a mixture of synthetic fibers and human hair. The price of synthetic wigs is relatively low, while the price of human hair wigs is relatively high.

You can choose the specific wigs according to your needs and occasions. If you simply want to participate in some cosplay events, you can choose a relatively low-cost synthetic wig or a synthetic blend wig. Such activities generally emphasize visual exaggerated effects, but not the fidelity of the hair.

If the person with hair loss or thin hair wants to buy and wear wigs, they can choose human hair wigs. The wig made from human hair has a realistic appearance. The fashionable wigs that are popular nowadays have changeable hairstyles. The appearance is realistic and natural, making it a good choice for beauty and patients with hair loss.

3. Breathability determines the quality of wigs

The quality of the wig depends on the breathability of the wig. A good-quality wig should be very breathable and a good-breathing wig will be comfortable to wear without putting a burden on your head. Poorly permeable wigs will feel hot, slightly itchy, and keep sweating when you put them on for a few minutes. If used for a long time, it will cause some hair problems, such as hair loss, skin disease, baldness, etc. If you wear a wig with very low breathability, it will make your head unhygienic and make hair loss more likely to worsen, so it is really important to choose a breathable wig.

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