Types of Human Hair Wigs

As the new millennium approaches, it's obvious that the preference for larger heads is on the rise and there is no better way to fit this need than by investing in some new high-quality silk human hair wigs. The positive effects of these wigs on your looks have been well documented and a wealth of knowledge is now available to help you choose the best type and design for your particular needs.

There are several types of hair wigs available today and from the numerous varieties, it is important to understand how each differs from the next and that would be the most appropriate type for you. Your style of dress also matters greatly to you and the best way to accomplish this is by making an educated purchase. You don't want to make a choice based on something that may not be suitable or within your budget.

Silk hair is known to be the best option when it comes to wigs, but it does have its drawbacks. The hair is naturally prone to heat damage as well as loss and in the long run, the cost is higher than it would be with an artificial or synthetic wig. In addition, the hand-made, handmade style which is popular with many wig wearers can be costly to manufacture.

One popular design is the lace headband wig. This style has a low profile and is often woven around the hair so that it creates a tighter weave over the hair. The hair is carefully arranged, both at the front and back end, to create a wavy appearance. This style works well with cropped styles, long hair and certain hairstyles.

A popular style is to have the hair in the back of the head compressed tightly into a ball. The advantage of this style is that it gives the illusion of longer hair and you will not find it very time consuming to put the wig on. It is also the most commonly used style in Europe. However, this particular style can be difficult to achieve and the quality and weight of the wig will vary greatly.

A very modern and unique style is to have the hair in the front bun style instead of being tightly knotted, but instead to let it flow over the forehead. It is very trendy and can give the appearance of longer hair, but this style does not lend itself well to certain hairstyles or to certain hair lengths. Also, this type of wig requires considerable maintenance to keep looking fresh and beautiful.

Finally, there are Japanese and Korean designs. These are the most well-known and come in the most varieties of colors, shapes, and lengths. The downside to these particular designs is that they are very expensive. This is mainly due to the material that is used to create them.

Once you have decided what type of wig will best meet your needs, your selection should be based upon personal taste and price. You want a product that fits your budget and is comfortable for you to wear.

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