The wig looks unnatural? Let's see how professionals do

Because we often encounter customers returning products because the wigs look unnatural, we have also studied this issue carefully.

First of all, buy a suitable wig according to your head circumference size. If the wig is not suitable for your head circumference size, no matter how you wear it, it will not look natural.

Before buying a wig, you can ask the merchant for their wig size data and compare it with your head circumference data. So be sure to measure your head circumference before buying a wig ~

As long as the difference between your head circumference size and the wig's head circumference size is within 1 cm, it is no problem. If you really can't find a wig of your own size, then look for a custom tailor!

Then when the size is right, the wearing process is also important. The most important part is that the hair in the hair net must be even!

If the hair is long, put the hair directly into the hair net without tying it up, just put it in and let the hair evenly spread on the head.

After that, you can use 5 hairpins to fix the hairnet, and then put the wig on.

When setting a wig, pay attention to the positions of the ears on both sides. As long as the positions of the ears on the two sides are facing directly, it means that you are wearing it correctly, and then adjust the position of the hairline.

It's easy to say, but it's not really easy to master the wearing method once or twice, so you should practice more!

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