Learning How to Brown Your Hair in Two Different Ways

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The many ways to brown your hair have now been reduced to two major options. You can either go for a straight wig or you can try and pull off a wavy look with a brown wig. This should give you some insight as to what you are getting into.

As you probably know, such non-natural colors as those created by synthetic or chemical materials can leave behind them streaks. They cannot do that if they were made of real human hair. Now that you know that, you are prepared to go out and buy a wig that actually looks natural. The trouble is that, once you start wearing your new hair wig, you will have to continue for about a year or so before you are able to make the transition from natural hair to the synthetic version.

1. The difference between a wig and natural hair

Not only does a brown hair look natural, but it is also attractive. When you look at the difference between a wig and natural hair, you would realize that there is a lot more than the latter can provide you than what the former can. You can have a full head of brown hair without having to go through all the difficulties that go with changing the hair color on your scalp. To have brown hair is a great way to get people thinking of you and making comments about you. You could also end up receiving compliments on your appearance.

2. The difference between white and blonde hair

Before you ever decide to try and change your hair color, you should be aware of the difference between white and blonde hair. Of course, there is not much difference, except for the fact that white hair tends to have a little bit of shine, whereas blonde hair is often somewhat dull. The reason behind this is that white hair cannot contain any natural pigment; whereas, blonde hair can have several pigments. In general white hair tends to be slightly shinier, but still retains all its natural properties.

If you would like to bring out the more natural side of your hair color, it is best that you go for a wig that has a small amount of natural pigment in it. If you cannot manage to get a hair dye into your wig, you may use highlights to bring out the beauty of your hair. Otherwise, you can even experiment with coloring your wig in the traditional way.

For those who are concerned about whether they can change their hair color, you can try to see whether the wig you are wearing has any dark colors on it or whether it is just a shade or two darker than your natural hair. You could try to match your hair with the wig that you are wearing and this will help you determine whether your wig is too dark or too light.

The reality is that you should really think twice before trying to change your hair color because it is not only very costly but it can also be very difficult and time-consuming. If you really want to get a natural brown hair, you could try to mix the two methods mentioned above and achieve brownish-red hair. But you have to keep in mind that this will take a lot of time and patience.

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