How To Wear Lace Front Wigs In Cosplay

Being able to pull off a full head of hair is the norm for many different types of wigs, but not so much for cosplay. Many women are starting to wear lace front wigs, which gives them the ability to sport various types of hairstyles and still look like they are wearing a wig, instead of just pulling their hair into a ponytail and getting away with it.

lace front wigs cosplay

When cosplayers started wearing lace front wigs, they were limited in the types of hairstyles that they could pull off, as the wig part was attached to the head. With the newer models of wigs, the lace is on the outside and can be lifted up so the head looks like a full head of hair. This makes wearing any wig much easier and more comfortable for the cosplayer.

1. Wigs can be worn in many types.

Wigs can be worn with varying degrees of success in different types of cosplay. Some cosplayers will go as far as to go full body with the wig or just pull back the lace to expose the scalp completely, which is called 'extravagant' cosplay. These are not the only kinds of styles that a wig can be worn with, but these are the two main styles that most cosplayers will attempt.

2. Wigs can be worn in short styles.

Wigs can also be worn in very close-cropped styles, which is popular for some characters. For example, if you are a cape cosplayer, then you may want to pull back the lace on your wig and cover your head completely. This gives you a little more freedom when it comes to what kind of hairstyle you can pull off and still be considered cosplay.

3. Use a lace front wig with a headband.

You can also experiment with the placement of the lace on your lace front wig. If you are using a lace front wig that has a headband to hold it down, this can be one way to experiment with the placement of the lace, which can be done while keeping your hair out of your face.

4. Use a wig to cover your own hair.

Many cosplayers do not use a headband and use the wig as a bow to cover their hair. Others do not wear wigs at all, so they don't have anything to hold them down at all. No matter what you decide to do, you can enjoy the liberty of wearing your lace front wig without having to suffer through the pain and discomfort of it.

Because the lace is just barely visible in a lace front wig, it can give a great character a new look. There are so many different styles of wigs to choose from, and when you are trying to be a part of something new, it is best to try something different from your normal style. This way you can be more creative with your hairstyle.

A lace front wig can really give a character an entirely new look, but if you are not careful about how you wear it, you can get all sorts of funny looks for it. Since so many people use wigs for cosplay, be sure to go with something that you love and fits your character, or you will have nothing to do but look silly and be mocked by the crowd.

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