How to wear a wig with long hair?

People with long hair should hide their hair before wearing a wig. You can use a hair net to put your hair on your head, and then wearing a wig will look very natural.

1. Tie up your hair

The most troublesome thing for people with long hair to wear a wig is the steps to hide their hair. The wigs will have hairnets. Before wearing a wig, you must put a hairnet on your neck. Before using the hair net, it is best to tie up your hair first. If the hair is not very long, you can tie it up directly. If the hair is very long, it is recommended to braid the hair first, then fix it on the scalp with a hairpin, and then put the hair net on it.

2. Braid your hair

When wearing a wig, the hair on the top of the head can be divided into two parts, and both sides are made of twist braids. The braid is braided to the end of the hair, and the hair is fixed with a small rubber band. Use a hair clip to fix the braided hair behind. The strands of braid were neatly put up. Pull the prepared wig net from the outside to the scalp position. Put on the wig net before adjusting the flatness of the hair. You can also adjust the corners of the hairline and move the hair on the back slightly forward. Press a little to make the head shape look like there is no hair, take out the prepared wig, start with bangs, wear the wig backward, and then fasten the inner buckles of the wig with the wig net.

3. Put on the wig

After handling your own hair, it is easier to wear a wig. Everyone often sees that the hairstyle of female stars changes, sometimes she has long hair and sometimes she has short hair. In fact, many of them are wearing wigs. This will not affect their previous hairstyles, but also match them. The ever-changing shape is still very convenient.

However, everyone should pay attention to some things when wearing a wig daily. First, the wig needs to be washed, and it can be washed once a month or two according to the frequency of use. Secondly, cold water and warm water can be used when washing the wig. Finally, the summer weather is not suitable for wearing a wig.

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