How to Wear a Long Hair Wig

how to wear a wig with long hair

Wearing a wig with long hair can be an art and sometimes it takes some time to learn. It is one of those things that you will probably have to practice to become comfortable with it, but once you do you will want to keep it as long as possible. You should take care of your new hair when you wear it because it should be cleaned regularly. Just by brushing and drying your hair, it can damage the new style.

1. Clean the wig properly

When you wear it properly, it is easy to maintain. Just brush it, blow dry it, and then go over it with conditioner. Wearing a wig is similar to wearing other types of wigs because they should always be cleaned well. The first thing you should do when you are putting it on is clean it with shampoo. This will help you to make sure the hair is ready for wearing.

2. Dry the wig

Once you are ready to wear the wig, it is important to allow it to air dry before you do. This helps to avoid hair breakage. The best way to do this is by using a hair dryer. You want to get it to the proper temperature and length. Once it is done you should let it air dry completely and no longer than one day.

3. Place the wig correctly

You should try to have your wig styled in the same way it was when you bought it. This is to make sure the wig matches the look that you are going for. Sometimes you can change the shape of the wig after you get it, so be sure to put it on and take it off in the same manner. If you have been wearing the wig a while, it might take a little time to adjust to the new way it looks.

4. Use a curling iron

You can also choose to use a curling iron on your long hair, but you should wait to do this until it is completely dry. The longer it is wet, the more time it will take to dry out. When you wear the wig with long hair, you should take extra care of it. Just by brushing it or pulling on it you can ruin it.

If you are going to be wearing a wig with long hair, you should think about getting extensions. They will look just as great as the wig and are a good investment. They are a great way to make your head look larger.

Wearing a wig with long hair can make you look great and is a great way to add dimension to your face. When you start thinking about how to wear a wig with long hair, make sure you practice before you go too far.

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