How to Transform Your Hair With a Stylish Styling Kit For the Best Result

16 inch hair

If you are ready to start out in the fashion world and you love the length of your hair, then you need to have the best piece of dark brown hair in your collection. Now, if you don't know how to go about it, then you should learn and what's more, you should know where to go in order to acquire it.

1. Understand fashion trends

First off, you must understand that the first step in the fashion world is to research before jumping into anything. You can do that by looking at all the available hair products that can help you attain a dark, sleek, and sexy look. The next thing you should do is to pick one product which will give you the desired effect and this will be a specific hair spray that is supposed to last you for three to four months.

2. Find a hairstylist

If you are looking for the right hair stylist, then go to a place like Alias Salon in New York. This place has been providing quality services for almost 10 years and they are only going to stay that way. If you have a teenager who loves to wear their hair up, then they can ask for advice from one of the stylists there as they will have experience with hair colors.

A lot of women are amazed by the results which can be achieved by using artificial or synthetic hair. However, you should know that the most suitable hair for your face is a natural one because the reason why women have such wonderful and fabulous hair in the first place is that they are born that way.

3. Wash it regularly

Just like you have to wash your hair every day, so too, you have to clean your artificial hair daily. It is very easy to do and can be done without too much stress. If you have a wavy hair, then the best solution is to mix a handful of warm water with cold water and then roll the head of the hair using the mixture for about ten minutes and then shampoo it.

If you have a curly or an incredibly dense one, then you can use the same method to wash it but after that, it will take some time before you can really see the difference in the texture of the hair. For curly hair, the best way to prevent frizz is to use a clear or black styling spray and if you can't find any, then you can always buy hair gel.

One very common mistake made by women is when they have dark brown hair which looks frizzy because of the way that they style it. When you add black extensions to the mix, you can start feeling a lot better and confident about your appearance.

The other good thing about using them is that they make you look taller and you can wear them to work for the exact same reason. So whenever you need a very simple style for work, don't just give up and go on a two-week vacation to Hawaii!

Don't worry about washing it regularly, as long as you take care of it with a spray and a clear color, then you shouldn't have to worry about it getting dirty. On the same note, don't forget to give it some TLC every once in a while.

4. Try some styles

After you have used artificial or synthetic hair for a few weeks, you should try and style your hair a little differently than usual. Some of the styles that can be used include plaits, waves, braids, pigtails, and just about anything else you can think of.

The right decision will be depending on what looks best for you and whether you want to stay true to yourself or change things up a bit. When you use this style, you will definitely make a difference because the overall appearance of your hair is going to change.

So remember, the best thing you can do is to go with something that you know will change your entire look and get that dramatic hair transformation you've been wanting. Also, keep in mind that this can last for three to four months.

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