How to thin out a wig?

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The new wigs are basically untrimmed, as long as you can style them, they will look good.

How to trim a wig? It is generally not recommended to trim yourself. Trimming yourself may cause damage to the wig. It is recommended to go to a barbershop to trim it. You can also do it according to your preference.

If you don't want to go to the barbershop, buy a head mold, put the wig on the head mold first, and then cut it as you like. Because if there is nothing to support the wig, it is difficult to cut out the layers. However, it is not convenient to cut it on your own head. When you first cut it, don't cut it too short. Cut it little by little. If you cut it short, you can’t make it up.

If you want to make the thick hair thinner, there are certain ways. The following will teach you how to make the thick hair thinner, how to change the hairstyle to make the hair look less.

1. Buy a pair of thinning scissors

Thinning scissors are mostly used in hair salons. Thinning scissors have thicker edges than ordinary scissors and the edges are jagged. Thinning scissors can cut about 15% of the hair at a time, making the hair thinner while maintaining the original shape. Thinning scissors can be bought at beauty supplies stores or hairdressing supplies in shopping malls.

2. Clean and dry the hair

Before using thinning scissors, make sure your hair is clean and dry. With ordinary scissors, wet hair is easier to control during the shaping process. But if you use a thinning shear, the hair must be dry, so you can clearly see how much hair you have cut, so as not to make the hair too thin.

3. Thin out the hair

First, pull out a strand of hair. Thinning hair is best done bunch by bunch, and the amount of hair treated each time is about the same. First, pull out a strand of hair and clamp the rest of the hair away from it. Place the scissors in half of the hair bundle, cut a knife, then open the scissors, move to the remaining half of the hair, cut a knife, and repeat the process until cut to the ends.

Note that the starting point should not be too close to the hair root. If your starting point is too high, you will cut a lot of small hair near the scalp. Comb the thinned hair. Comb off the cut hair with a comb, then look at the thinned hair. Are you satisfied with the thickness? If you think it is not thin enough, do it again.

Do the same for the rest of the hair. In the same way, thin the hair bunch by bunch. Make sure that the amount of hair you cut is about the same. Finally, comb off the cut hair, put on the wig and look in the mirror to enjoy your achievements.

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