How to Style a Synthetic Wig Cosplay?

When you're a cosplayer, how do you style your wig? There are a few different methods that will give you the look you want without costing an arm and a leg.

1. Use a straightening iron

Let's start with how to straighten a synthetic wig. The easiest way to straighten a wig is to use a straightening iron on the lowest setting. If you have a wig that doesn't need straightening and it's just worn once or twice then you may be able to avoid straightening your wig by just putting it in a hair iron.

2. Use the hair spray

This will work if your hair is still damp. But if you've washed it recently then this won't work. What you'll need to do is spray some hair spray on your wig. You'll spray it onto the part of the wig that needs straightening.

3. Use the hair iron

Now you just need to use your hair iron to get the right part of the wig. You want to place the part of the wig on the hair iron about a quarter of an inch away from the tip of the hair iron. If you leave it too long it will curl over the edge of the iron and if you leave it short, it will not really give the effect you're going for. You want it just the right length so that when you curl the rest of the wig it won't look as bad.

4. Dry the wig

When you're done, you want to dry the wig off completely. If you have any moisture in the wig after you spray hair spray on it then the wig will bunch up. In that case, you can leave it like that for a day. Then rinse it out and re-spray it with hairspray if it looks bad.

To straighten a wig without hair spray is the second method that you can use. What you'll do is place your wig into a hair iron on the lowest setting. After this has been done you'll spray hair spray onto your wig.

Use your hair iron to just about anywhere on the wig. It's important that you spray on enough so that it covers the entire wig. Then you'll spray more. It will take some time to get the way you want, but it should look decent.

If you are a cosplayer and you want to style your wig then here are two different methods that you can use to get the look you want. You can get a cheap wig and save money or you can purchase a wig that you want and still get the look you want.

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