How to style a cosplay wig?

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Because the hairstyles in anime characters are relatively unique, people often need wigs in COS. The wigs bought in stores are relatively common hairstyles. If you want to realistically reproduce the hairstyles of characters in anime works, you need to trim the wigs a second time. If you want to trim the wig beautifully and stylishly, it is best to ask a professional hairdresser to help trim it. Of course, if you are confident in your technique, you can try to deal with it at home, but the effect may not be guaranteed.

1. Buy hairdressing scissors

Please bring your own hairdressing scissors: Because cutting wigs will consume scissors, if you use the barber's own scissors, it will easily damage the barber's tools. After all, the hairdresser uses scissors as a tool for work. However, you don't need too good scissors to trim your wig. Just go to the hardware store or hairdressing department and buy one. You can choose a cheaper one.

2. Prepare pictures

Please prepare a clear and large picture of the front, side, and back of the character: if there is no picture, just explain to the hairdresser by words, he may not understand what you are talking about without seeing the anime work, and the effect of the haircut will not satisfy you.

3. Reserve more length

Before cutting hair, please reserve more length than the character's hair: wigs are not the same as real hair, and it cannot grow long after being broken, so it is recommended that you reserve a length of about 2 cm first. Communicate with the hairdresser or fix it yourself If you need to trim it again.

4. Talk to the hairdresser

Please be patient and communicate with the hairdresser for a good hairstyle: Do not hold the picture and tell the designer "I want to cut like this!" The hairstyle of anime characters is sometimes very difficult to understand, and there will be different changes in each angle, so be patient and communicate with the hairdresser.

5. Have enough hair

Make sure that the amount of hair is sufficient: depending on the brand, the amount of hair will vary. Some wigs have a very small amount of hair, it is not clear what the cut will look like, and the effect of the cut may be different from the expected effect. Therefore, when choosing a wig, you should try to choose a wig with a larger amount of hair, so that the effect of trimming the wig will be satisfactory.

If you trim the wig yourself, you need to trim it from bottom to top. Clip the hair above with clips and trim it layer by layer. Don't cut too much at one time, even if you trim it several times from bottom to top, don't rush to achieve success. Finally, comb the wig. After you wear it, put it back in your wig bag.

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