How to secure a wig?

In addition to people with less hair and hair loss who like to wear wigs, many girls are now keen to use wigs to change their styles, because this way they don't have to spoil their hair. However, if the wig is not worn well, it will not only fall easily, but also affect the aesthetic effect! How to wear a wig correctly and beautifully? Let’s take a look.

1. Wear the wig

First of all, wear a hairnet, adjust the buckle inside. If the head circumference is small, you can fix it with a small black clip to prevent the wig from falling off. When wearing a wig, you must wear a hairnet first. The hairnet is not only convenient to store your own hair, absorb the sweat flowing out of the scalp, but also has the function of anti-slip. Many people think that wearing a hairnet is troublesome, but it is not troublesome at all, and a hair net can also protect a wig, even if the hair is short, please wear a wig net.

  • Take out the hair net, spread it out by hand, cover it from the top to the neck, and then pull it up to the position of the hairline to tie the tail of the hair net;
  • Tie your own hair and fix it with a hair clip.
  • Before wearing the wig, you must first comb the wig to avoid messy hair knots during the wearing process.
  • Align the front end of the wig and put it on from the back.
  • Adjust the size of the head circumference and make adjustments by hand to ensure that the details and position of the wig are correct.

2. Fix the wig

After wearing it, then our hairpin will be used. We generally fix 4 positions; first, we fix 2 positions on the front of the wig. Rinse the hair on both sides of the temple first, open the hair clip, and from bottom to top, clamp the hairnet and the inner net of the wig together and push it up. Note that there is a slight slope, insert the clip at a 75-degree angle, which is easier to operate.

Secondly, there are 2 positions at the back. After wearing the wig, behind the ears on both sides, from bottom to top, use a hair clip to hold the hairnet and the wig inner net. In this way, our wig has a total of 4 fixing points. These 4 fixing points provide a reliable fixation. No matter how vigorously you move, the wig will not fall, even if you pull it with your hands, it may not be possible.

3. Comb the hair

Well, after fixing the wig, comb the hair, and then you try to shake your hair, do you find that the fixing is very reliable? This means that you have successfully fixed it. It's time to go out to the street!

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