How to put on a wig cap?

A high-quality wig cap has good breathability, perspiration, and antibacterial properties. A high-quality wig cap has good elasticity, it is not easy to fall off and more comfortable to wear. A low-quality wig cap has low elasticity, rough workmanship, and it is uncomfortable to wear for a long time. If you are buying a wig for the first time and do not know how to wear a wig, then take a look at how to wear a hairnet and how to put your hair in the hair net.

How to wear a wig?

1. Put on the hairnet

Put the side of the hairnet with an elastic band down first, and lift the other side up.

2. Wrap your hair

Press the side with the elastic band on your hairline, do not let your real hair out, and lift it up on the other side, and flatten your hair in the hair net, so as not to be uneven after wearing the wig.

3. Put on the wig

After the hair is evenly spread in the hair net, put the top opening on the head, no special fixing is needed. Wear the wig from back to front and adjust it. There are two adjustable buckles on the inside of the back. There is a cloth strip between the two buckles. There are several small grids on the cloth strip. Please adjust the buckle according to the size of your head.

4. Adjust the position

Find two small protrusions at the two ends. This is to check whether the wig is in the right position. Hold it with your thumb and forefinger, pull it down and adjust the wig position appropriately.

5. Comb the wig

After wearing, you can grab the wig top with your hand and make it fluffy. If you have bangs, comb your bangs and let them be natural.

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