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WIG can not only change the style and temperament easily, but also avoid the harm of perming hair, but do you know the correct way to wear the wig? So if you want to change the style, besides the purchase of the wig, the way to wear it is also very important.

How to wear a wig?

One of the most important tools for wearing wigs is the cooperation of hairnets, which are usually given as gifts when purchasing wigs, so it saves the trouble of buying hairnets again, and the combination of wigs and hairnets will be more professional, suitable and flawless.

1. Comb the hair

Straighten out the hair and comb it straight, then gently spread out the double-headed open tubular hairnet, and face down the end of the rubber band.

2. Put on the hair net

Put the hairnet on your neck, then slowly lift it up to the hairline. It must be wrapped around the hairline and not exposed.

3. Fix the hair net

Then put all the hair in the hairnet, you can use a disposable rubber band or small steel clip to fix, and the end of the hair is best to use a word clip fixed. Fixed can be gently adjusted after the hair inside the hairnet, evenly rubbed open.

4. Put on the wig

After adjusting, both hands pick up the wig and take it from back to front, to adjust the position of the wig, and the wig cover will basically have adjustment clasp, using the adjustment clasp to clamp the hairnet can more effectively fix the wig, will not make it loose at will, causing embarrassment.

5. Adjust the wig

When you're done, use your fingers to adjust the hairline of your wig. Don't show your hairline too easily. Then simply comb the wig. Caress it gently, or it will easily fall off.

It's easy to wear a wig with five simple steps, and it's easy to change your look. But there are many women who say they don't have the same effect as a model. In fact, it takes a lot of practice to wear a wig naturally.

How to wear a wig

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