How to Make Donation Wigs For Cancer Patients

If you are a wig lover, you may want to donate wigs for cancer patients. There are several reasons why this is so.

donate wigs for cancer patients

Cancer affects the lives of thousands of people each year. But some do not feel comfortable donating their wigs because they feel it is not the proper thing to do. It is true that cancer is an expensive disease, but there are ways to help the victims and patients to cope with this illness.

Wigs for cancer patients should be used by people who have suffered from cancer. That is why the wigs for cancer patients should not be cleaned with other clothing to save them from mold and mildew. Wigs are normally used in fashion shows, commercials, at the theatre, etc. So the wigs should be as good as possible.

Wigs for cancer patients that are donated may be the original ones. They may be worn by the cancer patients or may be replicas of the original ones. Wigs for cancer patients are manufactured by top name designers and each individual style is different in style, colors, fabric, etc.

So don't just donate the wigs for cancer patients, you can also make your own. If you want to make wigs for cancer patients, here are some tips for you.

1. Handle wigs seriously

Process your wig carefully. The second process that should be followed to make a wig for cancer patients is to hand wash it. The material and threads should be well-ironed. This will avoid the wigs from fading too quickly.

2. Keep wigs clean

Keep your wigs clean. After washing, make sure that all threads are cleaned and it is dried. Also, the drying process should be done on high heat because the wigs absorb moisture very fast.

3. Choose the right texture

If you want to use a wig as a decoration in a fashion show, then you should be careful about what fabric you use in making your wigs. For example, cotton fibers tend to trap heat rather easily. Also, polyester gives off a heat too.

If you want to make wigs for cancer patients, you must not have too much texture or too little. There should be the right proportion. You must be careful if the wigs are made out of wool because wool tends to attract sweat.

4. Add accessories to wigs

You may add accessories to your wigs. You can put hair clips or beads ornaments to make your wigs unique.

5. Keep wigs dry

Keep your wigs in a cool dry place. The material of the wig should be treated with a lot of moisture before it is sent to the stores. Moisture means that the material becomes elastic and is more difficult to dry.

As you can see, you can donate wigs for cancer patients to the charity organization in your community. By doing so, you can help the people suffering from cancer get a good quality wig. Also, if the wig you are donating has good quality, you can even make money off of it.

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