How to make a yarn wig?

Yarn wigs can be used in many costumes or just for some dress-up fun. Yarn wigs are made of yarn instead of hair. Yarn wigs have many advantages. They are soft in texture and comfortable to wear, protect your hair, and let you try a variety of styles.

1. Prepare

To make yarn wigs, you will need:

The yarn of your choice

A pair of scissors

Thread (It is best to be the color of the yarn, or as close as possible)

A needle

tape measure

A piece of fabric (Don't need too much)

Ribbon or other decoration

2. Take measurements

To start making wigs, we need to take two measurements:

First, we need to measure from the middle of the forehead to the middle of the back of the neck, that is, the straight distance from the front to the back. We use the data from the measurement to cut a piece of fabric. We only need a rectangular piece of fabric instead of making a wig cap.

Then, we measure the length of how long we want the hair to extend from the middle of the head. We cut a few yarns to double the length of the hair. For example, the hair will be 16 inches long, then we cut the yarn into 32 inches long. We need enough yarn to cover the fabric.

3. Start sewing

Next, pick a few yarns and sew to the edge of the fabric. This will keep the hair in place, but if you pull it hard, it will still move to the side, so be careful. Sew the yarn to the fabric several by several. When you reach the other end, congratulations, you have completed the most important part.

4. Put on the wig

Finally, You can cut the edge of the fabric a little bit so that when you put on the wig, it won't show up on your forehead.

Now a yarn wig is done! Put it on your head and see how it looks. You can turn the hair into a twist braid and decorate it with whatever you want, such as a beautiful ribbon.

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