How to make a wig look real?

Some people have just started wearing wigs, they have not mastered the skills of wearing a wig, which makes the wig look unnatural. Some people put on a wig, others couldn't tell they were wearing wigs. These ladies who have not been recognized as wearing wigs have really proved the significance of the existence of wigs-making the women more beautiful.

And the process of wearing a wig is also a technical task, a process of making perfect.

1. Choose the right size

First of all, the size should be appropriate. Generally, the wig has an adjusting buckle to adjust the size, which can be adjusted within 1 cm. After putting on the wig, touch the hooks on both sides of the wig, and the hooks on the two sides are exactly opposite the temples, which means that your wig is wearing properly.

2. Spread hair evenly

Other friends said that wearing a wig would make the head look big. Generally, this kind of problem occurs because the hair in the hair net is not evenly spread. At this time, you only need to spread the hair evenly. Especially young ladies with long hair, they must stuff their hair into the hair net, and they must rub their hair evenly, otherwise, their heads will become bigger after wearing the wig. It may also because the wig is too thick. In this case, you only need to go to the barbershop to thin your hair slightly. 

3. Tips for wearing wigs

Here are some tips for wearing wigs. For example, after wearing the wig, some of your own small hairs will be exposed on the front hairline and the ears on both sides. It will look very natural. The wearing method requires the ladies to explore more by themselves, choose the position of the hairline according to their forehead length and width, and see how to wear makes the wig look the most natural.

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