How to Make a Synthetic Lace Front Wig Look Natural

how to make a synthetic lace front wig look natural

So you're planning on making your own lace front wig, and now that you've decided to use human hair instead of synthetic, how do you know that your creation is going to look natural? Here are some things you should be aware of when trying to duplicate the look of a lace front.

1. Difference between synthetic and human hair

Always remember that human hair is different from synthetic hair in terms of texture and density. Human hair is extremely fine and dense. In fact, the amount of hair per square inch is much less than synthetic. The resulting difference between synthetic and human hair is the major reason you want to choose human hair for this type of wig.

While it can be very difficult to find a hair that is of the right density, texture, and thickness for a lace front wig, hair from an existing wig may work well for you. Take your existing hair and shampoo or condition it well to get a hair that's more similar to that which you would wear for a lace front.

2. Use your own hair

If you've already tried to find hair that will match your lace front wig and it doesn't look right, you can always try another wig. If you have any doubt as to the texture and density of your existing hair, it's probably a good idea to use your own hair rather than buying synthetic hair, since it can take longer to find the right texture.

3. Use other people's hair

Also, if you are using other people's natural hair, you may need to dye it yourself. You should also consider adding a little bit of product to the cuticle of the hair to help them maintain its natural luster.

4. Decide the type and pattern of lace

Depending on the type of lace front you are making, you will need the right combination of color and texture for the pattern you desire. If you are not very experienced at lace front wigs, you might want to consider using a dye-substitute wig that will give you the same look and feel without the expense and time involved in making your own lace front wig.

When you are designing the pattern for your lace front, it is important to use only lace material for the crown. Remember that the crown of a lace front wig is the part that will be visible while wearing it, so it needs to be sleek in appearance.

The look of the lace front can vary depending on the type of lace used. For example, tulle can give a large, dramatic look, but it may also cause the lace to look lumpy and frumpy.

By using a flat iron, or a heat gun, you can make the design look a little bit more like lace and reduce any of the bumps in the hair by a small amount. As long as you stay away from using glue or permanent hair coloring, you can be confident that your design will look just as natural as you would have liked it to.

If you're going to be sewing the lace onto your synthetic lace front wig, you'll also want to consider the size of the thread that you use. Too-small thread might result in some hair pinching.

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