How to Get a 16-Inch Wig Straight

16inch wig straight

1. Remove the wig

The first step to getting a 16-inch wig straight is removing the wig. Getting the hair down to the required length can be a very tedious task, especially if you have been using it for a while and are beginning to notice some loose ends. There are several steps you should take before you remove the wig.

The first thing you should do is check that you will be able to make the process of removing the wig easy, safe, and painless. Some people find it easier to remove the wig with just a few strokes of the comb-over the base of the wig to loosen it. Others prefer to take out the entire wig with some pressure.

If you have decided to take the wig apart you should find out how far the hair has come off the base of the wig. The base is where the hair attaches to the wig. The longer the hair has come off the base of the wig the more time you will need to let the hair dry so that you can properly remove it. It is best to take the wig down as soon as possible so that you can make sure that you do not get any frizz or knot in the remaining hair.

2. Dry the wig

After you have determined the number of inches from the base of the wig you want to get out, you can begin the process of drying the wig. This can be done in many ways. You can stand under the sun to dry the wig by pulling the hair back behind your head. In hot climates, using an air conditioner to dry the wig can help to keep it cool.

You can also place the wig in a bowl of warm water. Again, you should take care when drying the wig because it can cause further damage to the hair if it is not taken care of correctly. Many people prefer to use the same container as they did when they purchased the wig so that they do not damage the wig while they are trying to pull the hair out.

3. Straightened the wig

Once you have finished the final preparation you can begin to pull the hair out of the base of the wig. Using a pair of pliers, remove the hair at the base of the wig and run it through a hairdryer, avoiding the hair that is still attached to the base. Most wigs can be straightened this way.

4. Trim the wig

After you have pulled the hair out of the base of the wig, you can either shave it down to the right length or leave it longer than necessary to make the hair you are leaving in the base of the wig seem longer. For example, if you have left one inch of hair in the base of the wig, you can shave it down to a length of around one inch to give it a more wavy appearance. Once you have shaved the hair down to the right length, you can add a strip of gel, glue dots to the base of the wig to give it a more polished look. Some people choose to add these types of things to their wigs to make them appear worn.

A lot of people prefer to get a straight wig instead of a curly wig. However, if you want to use the wig, you should follow these steps to make sure that you get it straight quickly and easily.

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