How to Dye a Synthetic Wig a Lighter Color

how to dye a synthetic wig a lighter color

If you are wondering how to dye a synthetic wig a lighter color, then it may be because you are dying it the wrong way. If you know how to dye a wig the right way, then you can achieve the results you want without having to resort to harsh chemicals that can damage your hair.

There are many things to consider when it comes to how to dye a particular wig. Knowing what types of chemicals will work best for your hair and how long you should dye it is essential. Here are some tips for how to dye a synthetic wig a lighter color.

1. Choose the hair dye

* First of all, you should know what types of chemicals are used to dye wigs. Dyeing a wig is a highly specialized process. Using certain chemicals, each wig can be transformed into a different color.

When you are trying to achieve a lighter color for your hair, you will find that you need to avoid harsh chemicals that will give your hair a more "dark color." As you may already know, "light" doesn't mean "dark."

2. Comb the hair

* Brush through the hair in sections. Starting at the ends, brush through the hair, removing the bottom of the roots as you go. The roots need to be left in place to keep the rest of the hair from being damaged by the chemicals.

3. Use a hairdryer

* Brush the roots with a blow dryer set on medium heat. This will help to warm the roots up.

4. Dye the hair

* Then take the brush, but instead of brushing your hair from the scalp, brush the roots. This will help to open up the root areas, making them much easier to dye. Then you can use your brush to smooth the roots out and dye them.

5. Apply the conditioner

* You may be wondering how to dye a synthetic wig a lighter color if you already have light colored hair. To accomplish this, you will need to ensure that you mix in a lot of conditioner before you even begin to dye your hair.

The conditioner will make sure that the hair has all the moisture it needs to be dyed in the right shade. Plus, the conditioner will get rid of any buildup that is still in the roots and leave the hair shiny and clean.

6. Take care of the wig

* Depending on the type of wig you have, there will be extensions or trims that you will need to take care of. These are two things that you should not neglect and must be dealt with immediately after you receive your wig.

* In order to remove the layers of hair that you have just received, you can use the remaining hair from the trims or extensions to comb through the remaining hair and to remove any excess conditioner. Then, brush through the hair to remove any build up.

* Now that the hair is properly conditioned, you can dye it by using an "old fashion" curling iron or with hair straighteners. It is important to use a curling iron that is specially designed for hair to make sure that the color is not transferred onto the hands.

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