How to Dye a Synthetic Wig?

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Wigs are generally divided into synthetic hair wigs, protein hair wigs, and human hair wigs. Before dyeing and perming hair, you must first know the material of the wig, so that you can use different temperatures and hair dyes in a targeted manner. If you really don't know the material, you can take a few strands of hair to test, and you will know the effect.

1. Can synthetic wigs only stay the same color forever?

Synthetic hair wigs depend on the material. For a low-temperature fiber wig, you can't perm it or avoid using a high-temperature hair dryer, but you can dye it. For a high-temperature fiber wig, it can be permed and dyed. Use synthetic fabric dyes.

2. Is there a way to change the color of the synthetic wig?

The first step, in order to greatly change the color of the wig, buy a liquid fiber hair dye of the color you want. Dissolve four ounces of hair dye in one gallon of water. Soak the hair in the hair dye for at least 45 minutes. Continue this process until you reach the color you want. Rinse your hair clean and use it carefully according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

The second step, If you want the wig to be softer, a bottle of colored rinse can solve it. In order to make the hair color even, pour the rinse into the spray bottle, spray the hair, but do not rinse the hair, dry it directly, and spray again if necessary.

The third step, If you want interesting, colorful streaks on your hair, use permanent dye fixatives to dye them one by one. Starting from the roots, hold the dye fixative against the hair, and color along the hair until you get the effect you want. This will be a long, slow process. So you need to have a lot of free time before you plan to do it.

When dyeing wigs, keep the hair dry before adding hair dye to the dyeing tank to achieve a more accurate dyeing effect. After dyeing, hang it to dry, like hanging on a tissue holder, so that it can dry evenly without touching other objects.

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