How to Dye a Human Hair Wig?

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Wigs are generally divided into synthetic hair wigs, protein hair wigs, and human hair wigs. Before dyeing and perming hair, you must first know the material of the wig, so that you can use different temperatures and hair dyes in a targeted manner.

1. Human hair wigs

For a human hair wig, you can dye and perm it, which is basically the same as ordinary hair care. However, the real hair has been hot-steamed and set before leaving the factory, and the hair is relatively fragile.

2. Protein hair wigs

For a protein hair wig, you can dye and permit, which is basically the same as ordinary hair care. Protein hair has no scales, and the coloring effect is different from real hair. In addition, the temperature should not be too high (generally not more than 180 degrees, depending on the material), so as not to damage the protein structure.

3. Synthetic wigs

Synthetic hair wigs depend on the material. For a low-temperature fiber wig, you can't perm it or avoid using a high-temperature hair dryer, but you can dye it. For a high-temperature fiber wig, it can be permed and dyed. Use synthetic fabric dyes.

If you really don't know the material, you can take a few strands of hair to test, and you will know the effect.

Can human hair wigs be dyed? Yes, it can be dyed, as long as it is full of real hair, the specific operation of hair dyeing is as follows: choose a good quality dye cream, use a comb to evenly comb the dye cream on the hair, just like the same operation as dyeing your own hair, comb repeatedly. Please pay attention not to comb the hair net, so as not to affect the beauty of the hair net, wait about 20 minutes for black dyeing, and wait for about 35 minutes for other colors. The specific time depends on the coloring. Use a hair mask or wig care products to maintain and fix the color, and master the correct operation method.

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