How to detangle a wig?

wig care

1. Tips for wig maintenance

When the hair is knotted or curled, please do not pull or comb it with force, but comb it slowly and carefully. Using a non-oily maintenance solution for wigs can make the wigs more shiny and beautiful, and can prevent static electricity so that the wigs can always maintain a moist state). Do not perm or blow the wig at high temperature, and do not use the electric curler, otherwise, the wig will be injured. You can ask a professional stylist to trim the wig for a hairstyle.

2. How to deal with messy wigs

If the wig is messed up, there are two options: if the wig is not very messy, you can use a hair conditioner and a steel comb. When the wig is coated with a hair conditioner, it will be more lubricated, and then you can use a steel comb to smooth the wig.

Wigs cannot be combed with a wooden comb. It uses a special steel comb. In this case, the wig will not generate static electricity, and the distance between the combs is large, which makes it not easier to pull down the hair.

If the wig is very messy, you have to wash it. Be sure to use wig shampoo and conditioner. Don't wash too hard when washing, just press gently. When the wig is dipped into the cold water, comb the wig softly. After washing, put it on a flat special drying net to dry it. Be careful not to expose it to the sun. After drying, just apply the styling product according to the shape.

3. How to deal with wigs after use

If you do not wear a wig for a period of time, you should put it away. It is best not to expose it to the air, because the wig is easy to be dusty or messy. Therefore, the wig should be placed where it was originally stored, or in a plastic bag. If you store your wigs casually, the wigs will be damaged. Therefore, care should be taken when storing wigs. Don't use the kind of bag that generates static electricity when you put it in a bag. Otherwise, the wig will be messy. When putting it in, comb it gently with your hands and don't mix it with other things.

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