How to cut a wig?

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Here I want to tell you that any hairstyle can be made with real hair wigs. All the styling of the wig is not directly crocheted by workers in the factory. It is trimmed and dyed by the hairdresser after it is done.

It is best to trim the wig according to your face shape so that the trimming is more accurate. Generally, a hairdresser will cut out a basic hairstyle, such as a long bangs, and the customer will trim it according to his or her face after buying it back.

Very few wigs look good when they are bought home and worn directly. Most wigs require customers to take them to a barbershop for trimming. Of course, after buying the wig, you can also trim it by yourself, as you like.

So it is rarely possible that a wig is ready to be used immediately without trimming. So what are needed to trim a wig and how to use them separately?

1. Wig stand

This is a tool for placing wigs for easy trimming. It may be a head model, or a simpler model consisting of two brackets. After setting up the wig, you can start trimming.

2. Steel comb

Why use a steel comb? because this will not damage the wig, and it is better to comb the wig, especially for long hair, which often need to be combed, so a steel comb is essential, only after combing the wig you can start trimming!

3. Scissors

Of course, the scissors are used to trim the wig. How do you trim it depending on the style you want to make. sometimes you should put it on the head to see if the length is suitable? You must trim it slowly. You cannot cut too much hair at once. If you cut less, you can continue to cut, but if you cut more, there is no way to repair it. After all, wigs don’t grow like real hair, so be careful with the scissors.

4. Clips

The clips are used to clip the hair when trimming. it is best to choose the ones that can be pinched, which are very convenient to use. Because some styles require people to patiently trim the hair layer by layer, so the clips are also needed and play an important role.

5. Wig care solution

After trimming the wig, you can apply the care solution on the hair, which has a certain effect on protecting the wig and preventing the wig from becoming frizzy.

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