How to cut a lace front wig?

A lace wig is the hair hooked on the lace. The lace is very thin and evenly distributed with some very small meshes. The common ones are the Swiss lace and the French lace. There is usually a stretch net on the top of the head to suit different head types. And basically the lace wigs are made of real hair. A lace front wig is the front part is lace, the back is usually woven. Lace wigs are very breathable and natural, and they need to be worn with adhesive tape.

1. How to wear a lace wig

To wear a lace wig, first braid your hair into two braids, a little bit above the ears. Then put it up and fix it with a clip, and lay all your hair flat on your head. Don't let the hair be concentrated in a pile. Also, pay attention to the bangs and the hair behind the ear. It’s more convenient if you put on a hairnet. In fact, wearing a wig is very simple, remember to lower your head, and wear it from the back, I like to wear a wig now, it's very beautiful and the style changes a lot. If your bangs are too long, you can use a clip to fix them. The key is to see what your face is suitable for. If your hair is not suitable for your face, it won’t look good on you.

Then cut off the excess lace screen along the edge of the hairline, follow the method of wearing ordinary wigs, put up your hair, wear a wig cap, and wipe the oil on the skin on the edge of the hairline with a wet wipe to prevent affecting the adhesive effect of the double-sided adhesive, stick the double-sided adhesive between the skin of the hairline and the wig cap, peel off the other side of the double-sided adhesive, pull the edge of the wig by hand, and slowly pull forward to the corresponding position, and stick the hairline of the wig according to the corresponding position.

2. How to choose a wig

When choosing a wig, first make the wig the same size as the wearer's head circumference. If it is too small, it will affect the blood circulation of the head; if it is too large, it will lack security. Based on the appropriate model, depending on the width of the forehead, wear it in an appropriate position.

3. How to clean a wig

Wigs are generally cleaned every 3-7 days. Before washing, first, use a coarse-toothed soft brush or a thin toothed wooden comb to gently comb the hair from top to bottom, and clean the dirt and dust. Then immerse the wig in cold water dissolved with hair conditioner for 10 minutes, and then rinse the wig by hand.

White-collar beauties with short hair look chic and capable, having long hair that trails over shoulders makes women in love tender, and putting on colorful wigs on the weekend will make you a star at the ball. The colorful wigs make urban women beautiful, and they avoid the risk of trying new hairstyles.

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