How to curl a wig?

Whether the wig can be permed depends on the quality of the wig. Human hair wigs can be permed at will, just like treating your own hair. The general synthetic wigs can not be dyed or permed, can only be slightly trimmed. This depends on whether the synthetic wig is resistant to high temperatures. If it is a high-temperature resistant synthetic wig, you can perm it directly or go to the hairdresser to perm it. If the material is not resistant to high temperatures, it cannot be permed.

A poor-quality wig which is made of synthetic fiber is relatively hard and not very suitable for being permed, and the hair permed out is also very dry. It has no elasticity and is relatively hard. The effect will be very bad anyway. If you want to perm your wigs, you can ask a professional hairdresser to help you.

1. How to curl wigs with hair rollers

But wigs can be curled with hair rollers. The first step is to wet the hair, the second step is to wrap the hair around the hair roller, the third step is to shape, the fourth step is to remove the hair roller, and the fifth step is to loosen the curls with your fingers, and you are done.

2. How to curl wigs with a curler

If you plan to curl your wig, first make sure you have a curler for hair and make sure it has a low heat setting. There is another way to minimize the damage to your wig caused by hair curlers. If you are curling a synthetic wig, spray some water on the wig. This is because synthetic wigs are nylon fibers. It melts easily at high temperatures and water mist on the wig can block the high temperature. If you are curling a real wig, you can skip this step.

Next, you need a thin cloth or paper towel between the wig and the curls. These materials disperse heat, reduce temperature, and protect wigs. Finally, when you want to take off the curler, remember to gently remove it. When you are done with the wig, remove the heat source immediately, otherwise, the hairstyle will be damaged, and in some cases, the wig will be damaged. If you plan to perm your wigs often, then you need to buy a special protective cover to protect the wig.

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