How to curl a synthetic wig?

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Can I curl my wig? The best answer is "No". Perming synthetic wigs will cause wigs to curl up, be burned, and be damaged. Because human hair wigs have been processed before leaving the factory, the hair is relatively fragile, and perming wigs will cause serious damage. If you want your wig to be curly or wavy, it is best to ask a professional to operate it, they have the right tools, technology, and knowledge. If possible, you have to bring your wig to a hairstylist to change the style of the wig.

If you don't have the time or money to go to the hairdresser’s to change the style of your wig every time, there are some special ways you can change your style of wig at home.

1. Check the material

According to materials, wigs can be divided into synthetic wigs, human hair wigs, and synthetic blend wigs. If you want to curl a wig, first confirm whether the material is heat-resistant.

2. Have a hair curler

If you plan to curl your wig, first make sure you have a hair curler and make sure it has a low-temperature setting. There is another way to minimize the damage to your wig caused by hair curler. If you are curling a synthetic wig, spray some water on the wig before the perm. This is because synthetic wigs are nylon fibers that are very easy to melt, water mist on the wig can block high temperature. If you are curling a human hair wig, you can skip this step.

3. Place a tissue

Next, you need a thin cloth or tissue to be placed between the wig and the curler. These materials can disperse heat, reduce temperature, and protect wigs.

4. Remove the heat source

Finally, when you are done with the wig, remove the heat source immediately, otherwise, the hairstyle will be damaged, and in some cases, the wig will be damaged. If you plan to perm wigs often, then you need to buy a special protective cover to protect the wig.

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