How to create a stylish look with a wig?

wig care

I believe that every girl who loves beauty is always contradictory: short hair wants to stay long; long hair wants to be cut short, and she wants to have fashionable hair color, but she is also worried about hair dye hurting hair. In fact, all you need to do is to use wigs.

1. Basic trimming

    This process is the most basic because the original hair is also set according to the face shape and head size of the factory model. There must be details that do not match the buyer's face shape and head size. Then we must make simple modifications.

    2. Basic styling

      This step is well understood, the tools are all kinds of powerful hair mud, hair gel, etc. plus your own imagination.

      Next, we need to know some modeling tools.

      • scissors. The best scissors for haircuts. Use scissors to trim the air. Better not use a knife! This is the biggest mistake of cutting hair. Anyone who has shaved the hair with a knife knows that the hair will roll up, and it will be very messy. It hurts the hair, because the hair of the wig is not as good as real hair, and the elasticity is not so good. Pull hard on both sides until it breaks, and you will find that the broken hair is curled together. This is the same as cutting with a knife. Think about it. What will happen to the hair on the entire head?
      • Hair clay, hair spray, etc. Here I want to emphasize the problem of hair spray. I never use hair spray, because hair spray hurts the hair very much. The stronger the hair spray, the more it damages the hair. The hair clay can be washed away with warm water.
      • Hair clips of the same color as the wig. Rubber band. These things are needed for styling, so you must prepare a lot.

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