How to apply a lace front wig?

lace front wig

We all know that wigs are very popular in Europe and the United States, and 90% of Hollywood stars wear wigs. Why can't you tell that they are wearing wigs? That's because they often wear lace wigs.

A lace wig is a kind of hand-woven wig, which is popular in European and American countries. It is mostly used in costume drama in China. It’s thin and breathable, with high naturalness. It belongs to a high-end wig product.

How to apply a lace front wig?

1. Apply the glue solution

Apply the glue solution by hand. Do not use cotton swabs, as cotton fibers will stick to the glue. First apply the glue to the forehead, near the edge of the hairline. Apply the glue along the hairline, and dry the glue until it sticks. The wig should be worn from the forehead. Press the edges of the wig and the forehead firmly, and then wear the wig along the head shape.

2. Cut off the extra lace edge

After wearing it, you need to cut off the extra lace edge and stick the film to make the lace and skin close to each other. The film used is a special film for wigs, which is not harmful to the human body. Don't worry about fixing problems and health problems.

3. Hair styling

After cutting off, the lace edge will be fused with the skin, and you can't tell that you are wearing a wig. You can split it or brush it back to expose your forehead. No more trimming bangs to cover wigs and layers.

Lace wigs are generally designed for those with thinning hair. Nowadays, many celebrities and ordinary consumers also choose it as the first choice because it is of good quality and not as easy to identify as ordinary wigs.

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