Gray Pixie Wigs - Edgy And Stylish!

Gray wigs in other colors have been a part of black hairstyle history. From hair style favorites like the Afro to modern trends like layered hair, gray wigs have been at the center of many black women's style creations. What's more, most people agree that the cut of a gray wig gives a truly different look and feel to the hair.

gray wigs


And while there are many shades of gray that are popular and on the market today, the common "gray wigs" we hear about are usually the gray Pixie wigs. For those who want a look that is modern and sophisticated but still completely in tune with their black roots, this may be the perfect hair style.


For those who want to try something a little more edgy, consider going with gray wigs that feature a variety of lace front patterns. The cuts of lace are very elegant and offer a more delicate look than many people tend to prefer.


This is especially great for those who are not comfortable with the standard blonde or red colored hair dye. It takes away any worry of having to dye your hair every day for the next year. Because of the lace front hair design, you can change up the look each time you wear your wig without the hassle of having to redo the entire look.


For example, you could wear the lace front gray wigs with an eyebrow and a bob wig or you could wear them with a plait look or a ponytail. You can also pair them with white wigs that feature cross-overs or other very contemporary styles.


Since the lace front hair is a great alternative to the high maintenance hair dye, you can be sure that you will enjoy the beautiful results that come from choosing a designer gray lace front hair wig. When you choose a lace front wig, you will be able to experiment with new hair color schemes while at the same time keep the look of black hair in tact.


For those who want to be able to experiment with different colors, gray pixie wigs are a great option. While they can't be dyed, they still look extremely beautiful with different colors such as dark brown, dark red and light blue.


The hair is also made to go either long or short. Many women choose to go for the longer version to create longer and more dramatic hairstyles. It's always best to make sure you know what type of wig you're buying so you can avoid ending up with a wig that doesn't fit your hair style.


For those who aren't concerned about a long hair length, gray pixie wigs are also available in shorter lengths. They are designed to match the ends of a bob wig, which means that you can easily tuck it into the back of your hair for any occasion.


You can still experiment with different hair styles because of the sophisticated designs of the gray lace front hair. You can also curl, coil or pin it to create the look of thick curls that are just draped on top of your head.


With gray pixie wigs, you get a hair style that has so much versatility. You can experiment with different types of wigs and styles all the while never losing the black hair look.


The wonderful hair style and color options available today make it easy to try out some new looks without having to worry about color fading. No matter what look you are going for, gray pixie wigs are sure to please black hair lovers!

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