Five steps to let you know how to wear a wig

Not only can wigs change your hairstyle and image easily, but they can also prevent your own hair from being damaged by perming and dyeing, but do you know the correct way to wear wigs? If you want a change in style to attract attention, in addition to the purchase of wigs, the way to wear wigs is also very important.

How to wear a wig?

One of the most important tools for wearing a wig is a suitable hair net. Generally, when we buy a wig, the seller will give us a free hairnet, so there will be no trouble buying a hairnet, and the combination of the wig and the hairnet will be more professional, suitable and flawless.

1. Comb the hair

Step 1---Comb the hair first, and after combing the hair smoothly, gently open the cylindrical hairnet with the double heads open, with the rubber band end down.


2. Put on the hairnet

Step 2---Put the hairnet on the neck from the top of the head, and then slowly pull it up to the hairline. Be sure to wrap the hairline and not expose it!

Step 3---Then put all the hair in the hairnet, you can use a disposable rubber ring or a small steel clip to fix it, and it is best to use a flat clip at the hair end. After fixing, you can gently adjust the hair in the hairnet and rub it evenly.

3. Wear the wig

Step 4---After adjusting, pick up the wig with both hands and wear it from back to front. You need to adjust the position of the wig, and there will be adjustment buckles in the wig cover. Using the adjustment buckle to clamp the hairnet can make the wig more fixed, and it will not loose easily, causing embarrassment.

Step 5---After wearing, adjust the position of the wig hairline with your fingers. Do not expose the hairline easily. Then simply comb the wig with a comb, be sure to comb it gently, otherwise, it will be easily torn off.

Five simple steps to properly put on a wig, and it's easy to change styling ever since.

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