Do you know how to wear a wig?

Wigs are now more and more popular in the market. The current wigs are not only for people with hair loss, but also for many young and beautiful girls who like to use a variety of wigs to change their hairstyles to show all aspects of their own beauty.

1. How to choose a wig correctly?

When we choose a wig, we must first choose a wig that is the same size as our head circumference. Too small wigs have a sense of pressure on the scalp, which will affect blood circulation in the scalp area; too large wigs will give people with a very insecure feeling, they always worry about when the wig will fall off.

2. How to wear a wig?

The first step is to clean up your wrapped hair first and then secure it with clips.

The second step is to put on the wig in the order from front to back. First press the front end of the wig with your forehead, then pull the wig back with both hands and finally cover your entire hair.

The third step is to sort out the broken hair exposed and hide the broken hair exposed inside.

The fourth step is to adjust the position of the wig forward, backward, left and right, especially pay attention to whether the ears are properly positioned, and then comb the wig with a comb.

The fifth step is to scrap the hair randomly with your hands and disturb the hairstyle so that it looks more natural.

Generally speaking, it is most appropriate to wash wigs every 30 days. Before washing the wig, first, use a coarse-tooth soft brush or a thin toothed wooden comb to gently comb it from top to bottom to scrub away dust and dirt. Then immerse the wig in warm water with hair conditioner for 10 minutes, the water temperature is best between 25 to35 degrees, and then gently rinse the wig with hands.

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